The Lodge at Allendale

Michael V.
The apartments are new. I like that they are updated and clean. The walls are thin and it would be nice to have better and thicker walls to not hear people outside and in the halls.
Seth M.
I love the style and space in the apartments. The size of the rooms and bathrooms are great, but the closets could have a little bit more space. I love the community and how it feels like home. Overall, I love The Lodge.
Allisyn L.
Living at the lodge has such great amenities! The apartments are beautiful. I love being able to hangout at the pool in the summer and it’s really convenient that the bus picks you up right in front.
John D.
Nice facility but the power bills make no sense and seem really high for no reason randomly. Pool is cool though but you don't really get to use it long once you move in because of winter and all
Anna C.
Great apartment and amenities! The staff is very helpful and always her to answer questions. However, the coffee machine seems to be out of order a lot lately.
Nicole N.
The clubhouse is great place to hangout, grab some Starbucks, and do homework! Living at the lodge is amazing I love the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances
Petar E.
i love it all but your cuboards are not good, theyre like paper thin pieces of papeer that break supeer easiy and it s reallt annoying. if u want to invest in more expensive n durable pls do.
Joshua W.
It’s been good so far. I wish the gym was bigger and sometimes I feel like my electric bill is more than it should be, but I’m satisfied. I’m going to be upgrading next year so maybe more space would make me feel like I’m getting more of my money’s worth.
Great friendly staff. Great furnished apartment. Love the starbucks coffee and the covered parking. Affortable housing for students near GVSU
Mary M.
Great Staff! Always wiling to help out! The facility is great. Clean, comfortable and safe. Considered a Gated community so extra safe! Would recommend!
Sarah W.
its a really nice place to live, i love thats its all brand new. I really don't like how thin the walls are, i can hear everything thats going on in my apartment even when the doors are closed, i can also hear everything that is going on outside which is very frustrating.
Amanda F.
I love living here at The Lodge! It's the perfect student housing. You have all the amenities that a college student could ever need, such as free coffee and free printing! There is a bus stop close by, and they are pet friendly! Best apartments in Allendale!
Katherine M.
It is a nice community filled so much happiness. I love living here and I also enjoy a beautiful view of the sunrise/sunset every day and it’s pretty hype.
Marlee H.
love everything the only thing i’d change is the gate/parking, other than that great place to live with all of the amenities and pool! very clean!
Casey A.
One of the most friendly staff’s around. Very inertactive, helpful, and compassionate. Maintenance is timely and does good work. Pool and the area is awesome in the summer!
Megan M.
It is very homey no matter the time and place at the Lodge. The workers and other residents are super thoughtful and nice. I enjoy being there and spending time there with my friends.
Miranda I.
My experience so far within The Lodge community has been nothing but great! All of the staff members were super helpful in me getting all of my leasing paperwork done and showing me all of the amenities around the community.
Gracie G.
the people in the office are always friendly and helpful. the building is updated and nice and maintenance is always here to make sure we have everything we need.
Jacob G.
Pretty good, I enjoy all the stuff we get in the lobby like the coffee and got chocolate as well as the occasional meal that is put out also the pool
Joshua T.
The walls are a little thin and I really wish there was more guest parking then just the one row in the back of the lot. Lots of the time it’s hard to find parking there and guests don’t want to risk a boot on their car in the morning. Other than that the apartments are fine
Emma Z.
It's a great place to call home while I'm at school. It's a wonderful apartment in a wonderful spot off campus, it's great! I'm happy to be here!
Matthew L.
The staff are always so friendly. I love the atmosphere. The location is so convenient being next to the bus stop. I love all of my neighbors.
Kiera F.
I absolutely love the Lodges. The gym is phenomenal and the kitchens are gorgeous. It feels very homey but still with some elegance as well.
Briana M.
I love the free Coffee and free amentities! Having a clubhouse that is 24/7 is a great perk! Also the study rooms come in handy especially if you don’t want to take the bus to the library!
Emma F.
The lodge at allendale is great. The staff is very helpful and available during appropriate hours. I love having a gym only a thirty second walk from home!