The Lodge at Allendale

Shelby G.
For the most part the lodge is amazing. Most of the staff is very nice and considerate. The apartments do echo a lot, and there are some scuffs and damages from those who built the buildings, but aside from that I love the amenities.
Scott C.
I really like the commodities at the lodge. The workout facility is nice and the pool is a plus. The staff has been helpful and I havent really had any complaints, but I wish when I was going through the move in process they told me I wouldn't need reserved parking.
Miranda I.
The amenities are amazing and maintenance requests are resolved in a timely matter. I signed with the promise of an incentive gift card upon move-in that I still have not received a month later
Maggie H.
Living at the lodge has been wonderful! Staff and maintenance has been very helpful and kind. The amenities are awesome here. I love the free printing and quiet study rooms as well as the pool and activities they have for residents.
Lindsay G.
I love living here! It’s so modern and new, as well as very spacious! I already signed my renewal. The amenities are great including the pool and 24 hour fitness center!
Angelina D.
My experience at the lodge has been pretty great! The appliances in the apartments are new, very nice, and work well. The pool and gym available are very convenient. Overall a great place to live.
Abbie W.
So far so good. move in was very easy for me and facilities have been in good condition and well working. however, my apartment was not as clean as I was expecting when I moved in and the printers have been not working which has been inconvenient. other than that, staff has been very helpful and kind and everything is going well!
Rachael H.
So much fun and a nice community. Such a nice place to live and everyone is extremely friendly and super helpful! I love how nice everything.
The atmosphere is clean, new and full of energy filled with GVSU students. The computer lab has been beneficial offering charging capabilities since my MacBook laptop charger quit working. When I’ve contacted the front desk they have been helpful and answered my questions. I’m glad the decision as made to live in this complex. It is a safer environment than some areas
Anthony J.
The Lodge has been very welcoming to me for the two years that I have lived here. The amenities and private bedroom/bathroom are the main reasons I chose to live at the Lodge. Staff is great
Cara M.
The Lodge facilities are always very well-kept and clean, including the gym and kitchen areas. The pool access and dog park are also very nice.
Melissa S.
I really love the modern style of the apartments and I love having my own bedroom and bathroom. The amenities are also really nice and fun to use.
Laiya M.
I love the accommodations that the lodge has done for me! The parking situation is a little difficult, but I’m sure it’ll be resolved shortly.
Joshua T.
The experience has been fine so far. I don’t like how being on the lower floor could potentially lead to a groundskeeping charge being sent to my apartment if my upstairs neighbors decide to throw beer cans or cigarette butts off of their patios
Love the pool, study rooms, and free Starbucks coffee. The workout room is great. Free internet is good, could be a little stronger. Nice to have friends in the complex.
Shelby S.
Resident experience has been awesome! Everyone that works here is great, when I have to run down and get a package they are super friendly and helping.
Deven A.
the lodge is a wonderful place to live. everyone including the staff is very friendly and approachable. my favorite thing about the lodge is looking over the club house in the mornings
Noelle G.
nice apartments and neighborhood, friendly environment and all the amenities one would need. The staff is very helpful and helps any way they can. Overall, an amazing living experience.
Nena R.
Every one of the staff members are super helpful and friendly! The other residents are nice and care about keeping the property clean! We also get FREE colored printing, so why would you not want to live here?
Nathan K.
I love it here. Great view and nice looking apartment. The staff here is very friendly and hospitable. All in all this is a great place to live.
Jamie W.
The Lodge is a beautiful apartment complex. I feel very grateful that I get to spend my last semester at Grand Valley before I graduate living in such a nice place. I have had nothing but good experiences with the staff, who are very welcoming! Thank you for all that you do!
Bailey G.
All in all so far my community experience has been good, I am on the bottom floor so it is a little noisy as night but all of the amenities are great.
Jordyn V.
The lodge provides a great community for all types of students. My apartment is clean, modern, and fairly price. There's no other place in Allendale that I'd rather live!
Max C.
It's a nice place for a good price. I like that all the utilities are included. I also like the central air. The coffee machine is nice, but they only have nondairy creamer. It's a little loud, but that's to be expected.
Eleni H.
I have loved living here the past year! I love the workout facility and using the pool. The study rooms in the club house are also nice whenever the library is closed because the club house is open 24 hrs